The Benefits of Massage in High Altitudes

If you’re just visiting Denver or a lifetime resident, there’s no limits in getting the benefits of massage in high altitudes for you.
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Denver is the Mile High City–exactly 5280 feet–and it can be common for visitors to feel a little altitude sickness if they’re not used to it. Even residents of Denver can experience the negative effects of altitude.

Often visitors to Denver think that they’re experiencing a slight hangover, or even the flu. Symptoms of altitude sickness can include headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness or fatigue, insomnia, and upset stomach. And while there are many things that people need to do to combat these symptoms, massage is an excellent way to help.

How To Overcome Altitude Sickness

While severe altitude sickness needs to be treated in a hospital (for cases in elevations above 18,000 feet), cases as low as 5,000 feet can be solved with a little extra care, rest and relaxation.

The most important things to do when you’re suffering the symptoms of altitude sickness are:

  • Hydration: this is important not just for altitude, but for the climate of Denver. When it’s high and dry, drink twice as much water as you would at home
  • Go light on the alcohol: Because of the elevation, alcohol hits a little harder than it would at sea level. Avoid negative effects by drinking a little less than you normally would.
  • Get potassium: potassium is important for high altitude diets, so make sure you get lots of bananas, avocados, celery, greens, chocolate, dried fruit, and potatoes
  • Ease up on the physical activity: The air is really thinner, despite what you may think. If you run 10 miles a day at sea level, 6 miles is probably a good equivalent up here.
  • Massage: massage loosens up the muscles and gets the blood flowing, which spreads oxygen throughout the body. Not only will it help you recover from overwork, it will help you acclimate.

Massage in Denver to Combat Altitude

Denver massage can be the best massage. Whether you’ve come for a skiing trip or a business trip, the elevation change to the Mile High City can be overwhelming. A deep tissue massage, which uses long, deep strokes to focus on the full muscles, really gets blood moving and re-oxygenating the body–something you need if you’re not used to such great heights. A Swedish massage is more gentle and is meant to relax and rejuvenate the organs–which will be welcome for the climate change. And if you’re trying to do any physical activity in Denver, from skiing to running to hiking to anything else, a sports massage helps to treat and prevent injuries. As it’s easy to overexert when you’re not used to 5,280 feet, this kind of Denver massage is well-needed.

If you’re just visiting Denver or a lifetime resident, there’s no limits to what a Denver massage can do for you. For more tips on maximizing the benefits of massage, including couples massage, check out our guide on the “Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Couples Massage in Denver“.

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