Swedish Massage in Denver

Kick back and relax as our massage therapists unwind your body by rubbing the muscles in gliding, long strokes, improving your blood circulation. But there’s a lot more that a relaxing Swedish Massage in Denver, CO will do for you.
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Benefits of Getting a Swedish Massage in Denver, CO - Zen’d Out Massage

Swedish Massage

At Zen’d Out, Swedish Massage is our most requested massage for a good reason: it is all about relaxing every single muscle in your body. After a single session of relaxing Swedish massage in Denver, CO, you will feel and look noticeably rejuvenated.

If you have never had a massage before or it’s been a long time since your last one, a good Swedish massage is the best place to start. This massage therapy is a combination of several different techniques all rolled into one decadent session.

During your session, your massage therapist will work with the soft muscles and tissues in your body to help restore perfect health and well-being.

The end result not only calms your whole mind and body, but also releases any pain and stress you may have been feeling before. This is why a relaxing Swedish massage in Denver, CO, is the perfect massage for anyone who is overworked and stressed out and looking to energize their mind-body-soul.

Why Choose a Swedish Massage in Denver, CO

When you receive a Swedish massage, the therapist first moisturizes your skin with massage lotion or oil, and then goes on to perform different strokes. These gliding movements warm up your muscle tissue, release tension, and effectively break up any knots (muscle adhesion’s).

At Zen’d Out, our massage therapists will also ask you about any health conditions or injuries that they should know about before your session. If you suffer from any pain, tightness, or allergies, or if you are pregnant, you should tell them up front about it. This will help them decide what kind of pressure they need to use – light or firm.

Are you wondering why it’s called a Swedish massage? Very few people know that the Swedish massage was pioneered by Johann Georg Mezger, who was a Dutch doctor during the mid-1800s.

Mezger was a regular participant at the Gymnastics Institution in Amsterdam and was fascinated by gymnastics’ role in improving one’s physiology. During his doctoral studies in 1868, he wrote a dissertation on “friction movements” and how it healed sprain injuries. This dissertation would later serve as the basis for Swedish massage.

This old-but-effective massage therapy also serves as the foundation for many other kinds of Western massage modalities, like aromatherapy, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage.

Swedish Massage at Zen’d Out Massage SPA Denver, CO

Benefits of a Relaxing Swedish Massage

Now that you know what it is, let us explain some well-known health benefits of receiving regular Swedish Massages:

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It Improves Your Lymphatic System

As explained earlier, this massage relaxes your entire body, which helps improve the function of your lymph system. The purpose of your lymphatic system is to transport nutrient-rich fluids and waste around your body.

One Swedish massage can flush out all the toxins and metabolic waste from your body, boosting circulation, and making you feel lighter and healthier when you came in.


It Helps Heal Injuries

Since your body will become free of toxic waste, your injuries (if you have any) will start healing way faster too. Whether you sprained your ankle or you’re healing from a surgery, a Swedish massage will skyrocket your muscle recovery process.

It Helps Manage Pain from Joint Disorders

The relaxing Swedish massage in Denver, CO, can also be used as therapy for someone who suffers from arthritis or any other joint-related issues.

Regular massages will increase your flexibility and the elasticity in your muscle tissues, enhancing movement and reducing the pain. You’ll find that after a Swedish massage, you are able to use your joints more than before without feeling any pain.


It Takes Away Stress and Anxiety

Do you work a stressful job? Do everyday troubles seem to be weighing on your mind 24×7? If you feel constantly under pressure, it makes your muscles tense and weakens your immune system as well.

Making Swedish massages a part of your life will help you get rid of all that tension buildup. The healing and gentle touch of our skilled massage therapists will relax you and leave you clear-headed. Any anxiety and depression that’s plaguing you right now, will go away after just one 60 minute session.

Swedish Massage at Zen’d Out Massage SPA Denver, CO

Re-Energize Your Mind, Body, and Soul – Book a Swedish Massage in Denver, CO

At Zen’d Out, we offer a holistic spa experience that goes beyond a massage; our licensed massage therapists will sit down with you during a free consultation before the session to determine the best way to serve you. This 30-minute free consultation is not included in your hands-on massage session, i.e., if you have booked a 60-minute massage, your entire experience at Zen’d Out will take 90 minutes.

If you’re tired of battling the everyday stress and want someone to pamper you the way you deserve, pay us a visit. Call us at 303-345-3700 and schedule a relaxing Swedish massage in Denver, CO, with us.