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Prenatal Massage Treatment in Denver, CO

There is nothing more beautiful than welcoming a new child into the world. The next nine months are going to be full of changes, and not just changes in your body. You and your partner will no doubt come together and connect on a much deeper emotional level- why not enjoy that commitment and relax as a couple during a prenatal massage in Denver, CO?

This isn’t just a massage to help you through your pregnancy pains and woes- it’s a one-of-a-kind couples massage experience, performed exclusively by a female-identifying massage therapist who is certified in prenatal care.

You and your partner can relax and experience this process together in our luxurious couples suite, with a unique massage session that is fully customizable to meet your needs. Massages have long been praised as the perfect remedy for pregnancy aches, pains, and even mental or emotional troubles.

While your partner can enjoy whatever style of massage they choose, our prenatal massages are safe to be performed during any stage of your pregnancy, whether it be your first, second, or third trimester. Our skilled therapists know how delicate and important your body is to you during this time- let us tend to your every need.

All of our pregnancy massages are performed on a standard massage table. Plush pillows between the legs, arms, and neck are provided to make the experience comfortable throughout your massage.

Your changing body may be a new experience for you, and it can be frustrating to find a position that feels good. Let us guide you during this massage process, with your husband or partner right by your side.
We can gently massage the sides of your legs, hips, and entire back while you lay on your side- only about 15 minutes per side is recommended. Most of the massage will be facing up with a comfortable pillow on your neck and shoulders. No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, we want to help melt your stress and pains away.

Our moisturizing massage lotion is organic and unscented. We also have many aromatherapy options available during your session, including herbs and oils made to eliminate anxiety and promote true and total relaxation.

Have any specific concerns or questions? You will have a detailed interview session with our certified massage therapist before your relaxation time even begins. You and your partner can tell us about any worries or special requests you may have, as your peace of mind is everything to us during such a time of change.

No matter what, always consult with your doctor or doula to ensure that massage therapy is right for you. Sometimes there is no better remedy than spending intimate time together as a couple before the two of you welcome a new member of your family.

Why Choose a Pregnancy Massage in Denver, CO

Prenatal Massages Can Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Promote Relaxation through Deep Breathing

As your pregnancy journey begins, you will quickly learn all about the importance of deep breathing as both a stress reducer and pain management technique.

Prenatal massages are designed to both relieve your anxiety and stress, but also promote true and total relaxation through deep breathing techniques. Let us guide you and your partner through some crucial deep breaths before your due date arrives!

Massages Decrease Pain Throughout the Body and Relieve Tight Muscles

Receiving a full-body massage while pregnant can have fantastic benefits on your muscles throughout your body. Your husband or partner may not know it, but being pregnant can make even your most obscure muscles ache!

Not only can you decrease your overall pain and improve upon the tightness of your muscles, you can also eliminate any lingering headaches, back pain, and neck or shoulder stress too!

Get a Boost to Your Blood Circulation and Your Energy Levels

Fatigue affects every pregnant person, throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Why not feel that fatigue melt away through the help of a full body massage?

Not only will you feel more energized and refreshed after your prenatal massage- you will also receive a boost to your overall circulation. This can be key to reducing inflammation and pain while your body grows and changes.

Reduce Swelling in Difficult Places, Such as Your Hands and Lower Legs

Our prenatal massages are designed with pregnancy pains in mind. Your hands, feet, and lower legs are likely to swell during this time as your body retains water- you need a massage that can help with that.

You and your partner will no doubt enjoy a massage that can alleviate the stress on your many weight-bearing joints, like hips and knees. These pressure points are key to target so that you can enjoy the mobility you had before your pregnancy began.

Stabilize Hormone Levels by Lessening Anxiety

Studies show that there is nothing more important than reducing your overall anxiety during your pregnancy. While this can be easier said than done, prenatal massages have been proven to help relax you and set your mind at ease.

Through this relaxing session, you also receive the benefit of stabilized hormone levels that would normally be fluctuating due to anxiety or fear. Take this time to focus on the moment, this blissful hour with your partner by your side.

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A couples massage during this awe-inspiring time of transformation and change could be just what your wife or partner needs. Consider purchasing a prenatal massage session from Zen’d Out Massage And Spa today. You can rest assured that our massage therapists are licensed and skilled professionals who understand the importance of a healthy and anxiety-free pregnancy. Call us at 303-345-3700 to book your couple’s massage experience in Denver, CO today!

Best Prenatal Massage in Denver, Colorado
Denver Prenatal Massage at Zend Out Massage Spa

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