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Here at Zen’d Out Massage Spa, we take special care to cater to your needs at either our full spa or our chair at 1143 Auraria Parkway Suite 203B in Denver, Colorado.
Zen'd Out Massage Spa

Massages can do wonders for your body and your overall health. From alleviating stress and anxiety to helping with old injuries and insomnia, massages offer a whole host of health benefits. And here at Zen’d Out Massage Spa, we take special care to cater to your needs at either our full spa or our chair at 1143 Auraria Parkway Suite 203B.

We offer a wide range of services to our customers, including full body massages in Denver, couples massages in Denver, Swedish massages in Denver, and so much more. We have crafted our treatments carefully to provide holistic and comprehensive care for your entire body. Nothing beats a massage from Zen’d Out Massage Spa.

What makes our massages so special? Why should you come to Zen’d Out Massage?

We have packages that are specifically tailored to fit your every need. Whether that means getting a couples massage in Denver with your partner or seeking a solo treatment with a Swedish massage in Denver or full body massage in Denver, our spa has a solution for you. We have everything, from deep tissue massages to aromatherapy, and provide you with an experience cultivated for complete relief.

Some of our packages include:

All of these packages and more are available at our Denver location, and each package includes treatments that will relax you and relieve your tension in the best massage experience in the area. If you are looking for personalized treatment for yourself, or for someone close to you (or both!) be sure to check out the options available on our website or come in and talk to one of our therapists about possible treatments such as a Swedish massage in Denver.

Our massage specialists have years of experience in various massage techniques and possess the expertise to treat you holistically and leave you feeling better than ever once you leave our spa. Among our licensed therapists, we have specialists for Swedish massages in Denver and full body massages in Denver, Shiatsu, Thai yoga, and so many more, all available at our location at 1143 Auraria Parkway Suite 203B. Our therapists are fully capable of accurately determining which technique is the best for you (and your partner, if you are getting a Denver couples massage) and are trained to be friendly and professional to provide the best massage experience.

Here at Zen’d Out Massage Spa, we have a philosophy that the hands are the best tools for releasing tension in the body, so rather than using devices in our treatments, they are done 100% manually. We have designed our techniques based on the experiences of our licensed massage therapists to provide you with full body relief, relaxation, and reduced stress. Your comfort and health are our top priorities when it comes to cultivating our massage techniques.

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If you are looking to get a couples massage in Denver, a Swedish massage in Denver, a full body massage in Denver, or want to know about any of our other offers, contact our Denver office at 1143 Auraria Parkway Suite 203B via [email protected] or call 303-345-3700. Same day booking available Monday through Sunday. Walk-ins welcome all day from 9am – 7pm.

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