Couples Massage in Denver, CO

A relaxing massage experience shared with your special someone in lavish surroundings – doesn’t it sound heavenly? Consider having a couples massage in Denver, CO.

Grab your partner or best friend and escape to Zen’d Out for a relaxing couples massage in Denver, CO. The two of you will receive a massage at the same time, on side-by-side tables, so you can enjoy deep relaxation together from beginning to end.


You can choose from any of our massage modalities as you sip on ice water, flavored hot tea, or champagne. Drink in the calming ambiance of our couple’s massage room to get ready for an unforgettable experience. 


Our couples massage sessions are designed in a way so as to allow the massage therapists to address both you and your companion’s unique needs. Proper blood flow is restored, and tight muscles melt away as the therapists work on your bodies.

Why choose a couples massage in Denver, CO


At Zen’d Out, our massage therapists are licensed and qualified to tailor a treatment just for you. You and your partner will leave the Spa feeling rejuvenated, blissful, and healthier than before.


If you’ve never had a couples massage in Denver, CO, before, don’t worry, we have got you covered! In this post, we are answering some common questions we receive regarding couples massages.

Do we need to choose the same massage?


The answer is no. You and your partner will have your own massage therapists in the room and you can choose different massages according to your needs and preferences.


For example, if you are suffering from sore feet, you can choose a reflexology massage, while your partner – who just wants light rejuvenation – can choose a Swedish massage.

What are the benefits of getting a couples massage?


We have a lot of women clients come in for their regular massages and they always tell us how their significant other could benefit greatly from a massage as well. “But he is just into this sort of thing”, they say.


After a little chat, we find out that their SO has never had a massage before which explains why they seem so terrified of the idea. This is totally understandable. One of the best ways to introduce your partner to massages – without setting off their nerves – is through getting a couples massage together.


In most of the cases, after just one massage session, the previously nervous-looking spouses are hooked and can’t stop wondering why they didn’t discover it before!

Are we allowed to talk during a couples massage?


Of course! However, sometimes, silence is the best background noise.


If you are constantly talking during the massage, it means you are getting distracted and not fully enjoying the experience. Zoning out on the massage table won’t help if your goal was to have a relaxing me-time!


It’s best to discuss this with your partner ahead of time. You can save your chats for the post-massage dinner date at your favorite restaurant.

What should we expect during a couples massage in Denver, CO?


As soon as you walk in Zen’d Out, you will find yourself engulfed in dimly lit, dreamy escape. There will be two massage tables in our exclusive couples’ room for you two.


Our couples massage package is the ultimate romantic spa experience for couples. It starts with complimentary chocolates and champagne in the private room. The massage therapists will leave the room for a bit so you guys can get undressed and get under the lush blankets. Then they will return and your massages will begin.


Next comes a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 2-hour, full body scrub with organic lotions and essential oils. After a quick shower and an application of our house-made organic body lotion, you and your loved one will enjoy a cranial massage.


Both your massages will end at the same time. When your session is over, the therapists will let you know and again leave the room so you can get dressed. They will return with flavored water because post-massage hydration is critical.

Enjoy a romantic experience with a couples massage in Denver, CO


At Zen’d Out Massage and Spa, our couples massage treatments include scented candles, premium bath and body products, along with complimentary drinks. If you’re looking to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, try a couple’s massage in Denver, CO. Call us at 303-997-2641 to book your appointment.