Relaxing Sports Massage in Denver, CO

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, adding regular sessions of a sports massage in Denver, CO, to your lifestyle can take your on-field performance to the next level!

Sports massage is similar to a Deep Tissue massage; both modalities use firm pressure, and focus on connective tissue and muscles deep within the body.


We recommend that you hydrate yourself well before your sports massage. A hydrated body means your muscles will be easier to work with during the massage. If you are dehydrated, that can make your muscles stiffer.


Your session may include resistance exercise, movement, mobilizations, stretching, and several other activities along with a nice long rub. It is vital that a sports massage therapist is certified and knowledgeable about different modalities. That is why it is best to work with qualified experts at Zen’d Out.

Why Choose a Sports Massage in Denver, CO?


But during a sports massage, your therapist can also include stretching your limbs. And depending on what your body needs, they may target a specific area of your body during the session. At Zen’d Out Massage and Spa, your massage therapist will ask you a few questions before your first session.


Your answers will help them understand how to treat you and know what your goals are. This is why no two sports massages are the same. For one person, a sports massage in Denver, CO, might mean they are getting more deep tissue kind of therapy, while for someone else, it could mean they are being stretched for an hour.  


As for the benefits of receiving a sports massage, there are plenty:

It Helps You Become More Flexible


All sports massages usually include stretching, which can gradually enhance your muscles’ flexibility or extensibility. During the session, your massage therapist will basically train your muscles to increase their range of motion so you will feel a lot more bendable than before.

It Helps Manage Pain


During a sports massage in Denver, CO, your body will release a lot of feel good endorphins, which will relieve any muscle tension. It will also get your blood flowing and significantly reduce your stress levels, leading to faster recovery.


If you are an athlete, consider making sports massage part of your pre-event ritual or rehab routine. This will minimize risks of injury and help heal the old ones faster.

It Improves Your Sleep


Studies show that relaxed muscles will help you sleep much better by reducing any sleep disturbances. As your stress goes down after receiving a good sports massage in Denver, CO, your body will find it way easier to shut down at bedtime.

It Helps Women Manage Hormonal Changes 


Some women experience extreme fatigue during certain times of the month, especially if they are a serious athlete. If you are in the same boat, sports massages will help your body get more rest than it normally does. Allowing a skilled massage therapist pamper you will help deal with any kind of hormonal fluctuations in your body.

Different Sports Massage Techniques


It is imperative that your sports massage therapist is familiar with each muscle and how they are affected by specific stresses and movements of each sport. Our Zen’d Out sports massage therapists are also trained in cryotherapy and hydrotherapy. 


Sports massage is often supplemented by other massage modalities including acupressure, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage. Depending on where you choose to receive your sports massage, your therapist may use the following techniques: 


Compression Massage: The therapist uses rhythmic compression into muscles to create a softening effect in the tissues. This is usually used to warm up the muscles for a deeper massage work.


Deep Swedish Massage: This includes muscle-focused applications of the standard tapotement, petrissage, effleurage, and vibration techniques. 


Trigger Point Massage: Also known as tender point massage, this therapy focuses on releasing the small, tight knots (trigger points) that develop in muscles over time. If left untreated, these trigger points lead to painful and limited movement of entire body parts.


Cross-Fiber Massage: The therapist applies pressure in one direction only, after locating the site of injury. This gives the tissue time to heal and rearrange so your muscles can recover faster. 


Lymphatic Massage: During the massage, your lymphatic drainage system will be stimulated, helping your body flush out waste and toxins more effectively.

Take Your Performance to the Next Level with a Sports Massage in Denver, CO


Zen’d Out Massage and Spa offers innovative massage and bodywork designed to cater to the needs of today’s active and athletic people. If you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, reduce muscle tension, and prevent injuries, a sports massage in Denver, CO, is the best way to do it. Call us at 303-997-2641 to book an appointment.