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$10 Off (Solo) And $15 Off (Couples Massage) For Your First Visit

Relax with your choice of a 60-minute signature massage in Denver, CO for only $115 (solo) or $235 (couple). Just mention that it’s your first visit at checkout to claim $10 off your bill.

Don’t miss this special offer to try us! Call us at 303-656-2944 and book your appointment today!

Couples Massage in Denver, CO – $15 Off For Your First Visit

Relax with a 60 Minute Full Body Couples Massage Only $235!

*Offer Valid Monday Through Thursday Only

Kick back and relax with a loved one with our signature Couples Massage. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy some quality time with your partner or a friend, our tranquil couple’s room is the perfect place for you!

Whether you want to get rid of the stress, get relief from pain, or help with an injury, a side-by-side massage can work wonders for you. It can be a positive, personal experience that rejuvenates your body and soothes your soul. The Denver, CO massage will take place in our dedicated couple’s room, at the same time, with two different massage therapists.

Couples massage therapy allows two people to have a shared experience that bonds them together. A couple may simply relax and enjoy the experience or chat and catch up with each other. A lot of couples struggle with taking time out of their busy schedules to spend quality moments together – a couple’s massage can help you reconnect with them.

And we don’t have to tell you that a good Denver, CO massage performed by skilled massage therapist releases a blast of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in the body. When you and your loved one enjoy a massage together, it increases the feelings of intimacy and affection. Also, if you feel intimidated by a traditional, solo massage session, you’ll find a couple’s massage way more comfortable. You can choose to book a couple’s massage with you bestie, making the whole experience more safe and cozy.

Each of you will still get a custom massage in Denver, CO according to your personal goals (e.g., relaxation or pain relief) and receive treatments that are unique to you both.

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Denver, CO Massage Therapy – $10 Off Your First Visit

Relax with a 60 Minute Full Body Single Massage Only $115!

*Offer Valid Monday Through Thursday Only

Have a kink in your neck that’s been plaguing you for a long time? Or maybe you are just tired of managing your hectic work commitments or homeschooling the kids (no thanks COVID-19). Our unique approach to massage therapy will help revitalize your body so you feel stronger and calmer. We know that one massage does not fit all. That’s why we create a personalized massage session – based on your input – that addresses your unique needs.

Our licensed and talented massage therapists know exactly what your pain points are and how much pressure do they need to wake up your muscles. We use sulfate- and parabens-free body lotions and oils to give you the pampering you deserve.

Our specifically designed Denver, CO massage therapy sessions can relieve all sorts of ailments – from stress and anxiety to physical pain. Just one 60-minute session will give you incredible benefits that will last for days and weeks after the appointment!

At Zen’d Out Massage Spa in Denver, CO, we want you to enjoy a relaxing and vitalizing massage – by yourself or as a couple. Call us at 303-306-1297 or contact us online so we can help you select the right massage treatment and therapist for you.