What You Should Wear to Your Massage Appointment in Denver, CO

Massage in Denver, CO

What You Should Wear to Your Massage Appointment in Denver, CO

Whether it’s your first massage appointment or it’s been some time since your last, it may not be clear what you should wear when you book a massage with a Denver massage therapist. Aside from what to wear to a massage, there’s also various pieces of massage etiquette that you’ll want to keep in mind to avoid a massage faux pas. While a massage may be all about relaxing and unwinding after a tough day at the office or at home, missing an important consideration could leave you stressed and worried before or during your appointment.

How To Prepare for a Massage

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide what to wear to your first massage appointment. Sure, you can walk in to your appointment wearing just about anything that you would wear out in public, but before the massage can start you’ll have to disrobe down to your skivvies — or nothing at all.

The good news is that underwear isn’t really required when you book a massage in Denver, though you can certainly wear underwear if you’d like. Everything from granny panties to thongs or your birthday suit is acceptable because you’ll be covered in a drape during the entirety of the massage. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing nothing, simply wear whatever you’d like. There may even be disposable underwear that you can use to avoid staining your underwear with oil.

It can also depend on what kind of massage you’re wanting. Receiving a back massage while wearing a tank top or a bra can be problematic, and large bloomers can also prevent your massage therapist from addressing your glutes — a thong would be best. However, if you’d like to wear a bra and undo it while you’re on the table, you’re free to certainly do that. 

That said, keep in mind that the more clothing you wear during your massage, the more difficult the job for your massage therapist. If you’d like the best possible massage, it’s ideal to utilize the drape for modesty, not your underwear. Massage therapists also see tons of bodies each day, and they’ll be focusing on the work, not your body!

What About Tipping?

Once you’ve booked a massage in Denver, you may be wondering if the pricing is all-in. While you won’t necessarily need to pay any more for your massage than the stated price, a tip is customary and typically not included. Just like going out to a restaurant or getting a haircut, it’s common to tip around 15 to 20 percent or more. If the massage goes great and you plan on returning in the future, a generous tip can tell your massage therapist that you value their work and you’d like to return. 

Refrain From Eating Immediately Before a Massage

While it can be convenient to grab a bite to eat immediately before you sit down for that comfortable massage, don’t. A massage can help promote digestion and lead to uncomfortable flatulence during, so it’s best to refrain from eating for at least an hour before your massage. A light snack should be fine, and the same goes for staying hydrated, but please go to the bathroom before the massage starts to avoid any uncomfortable moments or stoppages.

Book a Massage in Denver

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