What to Expect During a Couples Massage in Denver, CO

couples massage

What to Expect During a Couples Massage in Denver, CO

Do you wish to book a couples massage in Denver?

A massage with your loved one is the perfect getaway to relax, unwind, and feel care-free.

It’s a precious moment for you to share all those benefits with your partner in a 60-minute, 90-minute, or even a 2-hour massage session — with chocolates and drinks to boot!

So, if a moment to unwind is what you’re looking for with your soulmate, read below to find out everything you should expect from a couples massage:

  • the benefits
  • how to prepare
  • how to book your next massage in Denver!

Benefits of a Couples Massages in Denver

Here in Denver, CO, it can get chilly during the winter and equally hot during the summer.

And no matter what season we’re going through, a couples massage is just the thing to lighten up your spirits.

Couples massages can improve the bond you have with your special one and be a getaway from it all.

Many couples book their massages specifically after work so they can have a moment to unwind after that 9 – 5 rush.

And at Zen’d Out Massage, you and your loved one each get a unique massage: both of you have your own table and massage professional. That means each of you can have a different massage, tailored for your needs!

So, if you wish to have a special, relaxing moment with your partner, a couples massage is the perfect treat.

We even offer drinks and chocolate to get you both in a relaxed mood before the massage starts.

So, in a nutshell, expect this from a couples massage:

  • Stress relief
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Soothing of pain in the joints
  • A special, bonding moment with your partner

How to Prepare for a Couples Massage

To make the best of your couples massage, make sure you and your partner are both on the same page.

Pick a time and date that’s best for the both of you, so it’s a moment to unwind without any worries.

After all, if your partner is thinking about work during the massage, they won’t make the most out of it!

So, book in advance and talk with your partner about how this is a moment for both of you to chill out, release tension, and let stress melt away.

Here are some tips to prepare for the couples massage:

  • Free up your agenda (and your partner’s)
  • Don’t drink alcohol before the massage
  • Eat a light meal to avoid queasiness
  • Take a shower before the massage to feel more at ease

Best Couples Massage in Denver

We at Zen’d Out Massage have a team of 3 licensed massage professionals ready to help you and your partner unwind.

Trained in several disciplines, including Swedish, Thai Yoga, and Sports massage, our team is available to make both of you feel at ease.

Zen’d Out Massage is 5-star reviewed on Google and has 4.5 stars on Yelp, and we strive to meet your needs as a customer.

A massage has the power to melt your problems away. So, if you need a moment to forget all your worries, book a massage with our fully-trained staff below:

Book a Couples Massage Now!

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