What Is a CBD Couples Massage and Where Can You Get One in Denver, CO?

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What Is a CBD Couples Massage and Where Can You Get One in Denver, CO?

The use of CBD has been growing rapidly in recent years as more and more people are learning of its uses and experiencing its properties. It has a wide variety of applications, and we’ve found that a CBD massage can be wonderfully pleasant, relaxing and restorative.

And on top of the benefit that you can get from a CBD massage, you can also get the benefit of a couples massage. A couples massage not only has all the relaxation, unwinding, and restorative benefits of a regular massage, but you’re doing it with a significant other or close friend, experiencing the same deep healing and spiritual connection as you go through the massage. 

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol, which is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Many people mistake CBD for THC, the compound in cannabis which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, but CBD oil comes from hemp, not marijuana, and has less than 0.3% THC. It can’t get you high. But it can do many other wonderful things for the body.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Massage?

CBD can be used in many applications, both orally and topically. In a CBD massage we apply the CBD oil to the body and massage it into the joints and muscles. Here are just a few things CBD massage can do:

Relieve Chronic Pain

CBD has been known for a long time to be a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory, which makes it a perfect complement for a soothing massage of painful joints and tissues. This can be a marvelous benefit to people who sugar from arthritis, back pain, and other chronic pain issues. 

Dissipate Anxiety and Stress

Another of CBD’s healthful benefits is its ability to reduce anxiety. When you’re looking for a massage you’re absolutely looking for a chance to de-stress and a relaxing application of CBD oil can soothe your weary body and mind for hours afterwards. 

Reduce Tension 

Reducing tension is one of the reasons that you’re going to get a massage, and CBD relaxes muscles. So, in addition to dissipating the stress in your mind, it can also reduce the stress you’re holding tightly in your muscles.

Enhance Your Mood

Getting a CBD massage will be an almost instant improvement to your mood. Everything from the absorption of the CBD through the skin to the aroma in the air to the gentle hands on your body will make your worries and cares simply melt away. You’ll leave the massage feeling more relaxed, happier, and healthier.

Help the Skin

Did you know that CBD oil is even good for the skin itself? CBD can be used as a moisturizer which will soften and smooth your skin. CBD has even been found to relieve some skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin and some acne. Not only will you leave your CBD massage feeling a glow in your heart but it will leave your skin radiant as well.

What are the Benefits of a CBD Massage for Couples?

Couples might need a CBD massage more than anyone. So much of a CBD massage is deep and intense, while also calming and zen’d out. To be able to experience that with someone you love and care deeply about, whether that’s your significant other or your best friend, is an experience that you will treasure. As you go on through your day, post-massage, you’ll be more in-tune with each other and able to communicate and connect than ever before. 

Where Can I Get a CBD Couples Massage in Denver, CO?

Our therapists right here at Zen’D Out Massage in Denver, CO give wonderful CBD couples massages that will soothe your body and soul. Denver is a mecca for CBD, and Zen’D Out makes full use of the high quality CBD products that are available here. 

Are you ready for your CBD couples massage in Denver, CO?

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