Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Couples Massage in Denver, CO

massage dos and don'ts

Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Couples Massage in Denver, CO

A couples massage is a great way to spend some time relaxing with your partner. Not only is it a nice change from the typical dinner and a movie, but it’s also a new activity that can break the monotony of a boring and predictable week. However, if you’ve never had a couples massage before, you may not be sure of what the massage dos and don’ts are, or what’s appropriate or not appropriate during your visit. 

Arrive Early To De-Stress Before Your Appointment

It probably goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people are late to their own massage appointments. It’s one of those massage dos and don’ts that most people don’t think about, but it’s hugely important. In fact, arriving early is one of the best ways that you can prepare for a massage because the entire appointment is supposed to be relaxing. 

If you’re feeling rushed or you’re trying to cram in a massage immediately after work or when you’ve got a million other things going on, you’ll make it hard to relax for yourself and your partner. Besides, if you arrive early, you can take advantage of other treatment options and amenities and get a sense of the place before your appointment.

Resist the Urge To Surprise Your Partner

You might be thinking that a couples massage in Denver would be the perfect surprise for your significant other, but if you don’t let them know in advance you could actually be adding stress to their day. Indeed, if your partner is distracted or had something else in mind, a massage could create an awkward experience at the spa. Instead, it’s better to involve your partner and allow them to play a role in planning out the day. Not only will they appreciate being asked, but it’ll also make for a more fulfilling, comfortable day in the lead up to and during your couples massage.

Leave Your Problems at the Door

While a couples massage can be a great time to relax and catch up with your partner, one of the biggest massage don’ts that you should never do is to bring your problems and arguments into the spa. Think of your time during a massage as a retreat away from your normal lives. Whatever stressors you’re carrying should be stowed away at work or safely at home before you ever think about coming in for your massage, lest you ruin the massage experience for you and your partner. 

Don’t Talk, Relax

If you want to get the most out of your couples massage, one of the best massage dos is don’t talk. Whether you’re feeling pressured to gab it up because it’s your first massage together as a couple or you just want to fill the dead air, keep in mind that while there’s no rule against talking there’s nothing that says you can’t just sit silently and enjoy the massage. Even if you’re not talking, you’re still there with your partner and often that can be enough. 

Don’t Get Intimate

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include this classic couples massage don’t, but whatever you do, don’t get intimate with your partner. You might be enjoying a couples massage while half naked under some strategically placed towels, but you’re still in a place of business and all the normal rules of being in public still apply. If you want to take your freshly massaged bodies home and spend an intimate evening together after the massage, be our guest — but while you’re a guest in a place of business, there’s no tolerance for fooling around.

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