Benefits of getting a full body massage in Denver, CO

CBD massage in Denver

Benefits of getting a full body massage in Denver, CO

At Zen’D Out Massage Spa, we offer a wide range of massages, from a Swedish massage in Denver to a full body massage in Denver to a CBD massage in Denver. Our focus is to use our techniques and expertise on massages to provide you with the best and most relaxing experience possible.

One of the most relaxing ways to wind down and relieve the stress and tension in your body is with a full body massage in Denver, which you can get at one of our locations in the 16th St. Mall. A full body massage targets multiple areas of muscles on your body, moving either from head to feet or vice versa. The massage therapist will focus on your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms, hands, and legs, in addition to your head and your feet. It provides a comprehensive relief to your muscles.

Types of Massages in Denver

There are a few different types of full body massages offered at our spa-like Swedish massages in Denver and CBD massages in Denver and each comes with their own benefits as well the usual ones from a regular full body massage in Denver.

Below we have included descriptions about these two types of full body massages. Both aim to target the same areas that a regular full body massage does, but also use different techniques aimed to give you the best possible experience. If you want to know more, ask one of our massage specialists about which would be best for your specific circumstances.

Swedish Massage in Denver

One of the massages available is a Swedish massage in Denver. A Swedish massage is one of the most commonly given types of massages. It involves kneading the muscles to release the tension deep in your body and often rhythmic tapping on the topmost layer of the muscles. It sometimes also involves circular motions with the hands to apply pressure to the muscles. Swedish massages are often useful to help you relax.

CBD Massage in Denver

We also have a CBD massage in Denver. A CBD massage uses CBD oil in a full body massage to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and stimulate your senses. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is made from hemp, one of the main ingredients in marijuana. You cannot get high from CBD, though it is great for releasing tension in the muscles. Incorporating the oil into the typical full body massage techniques that our massage specialists use can be greatly beneficial to your health.

Getting a full body massage in Denver, a Swedish massage in Denver or a CBD massage in Denver is a great way to relieve your stress after a hard work week, or to treat yourself or your loved one to a day that is all about rest and relaxation. 

Call Zen’D Out Massage to Schedule a Full Body Massage in Denver

If you would like more information about a full body massage in Denver, a Swedish massage in Denver, a CBD massage in Denver, or any other massages offered at Zen’D Out Massage Spa in Denver, visit our website or contact us at You can also call our spa at 303-647-4168 and our chair in the mall at (303) 666-6537. Contact us today to book an appointment. Same day booking available Monday through Sunday. Walk-ins welcome all day from 10-8 pm.

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